Jack C Tomascak

Jack in front of "Jackually Ours", 'Sconset, 8-2022 (unknown photographer)

Updates (a/o 5-2023)
Mostly I am listening to podcasts, taking naps, and going to see dance when I'm not at work. Not a lot of reading going on these days unfortunately.
I released a new three-song Future interior record, called "disappearance approach", only on Bandcamp. My struggles with home recording continue but I just cut all the high-end off the masters and that seems to help me get where I want to be. Future interior is available for live performances in the Northeast.
Nine of Swords released BEYOND THE SWORDS (Quiet Year) in June 2022. We've resumed live performances and rehearsal of additional new material as time allows. You can view a video companion to the record by Shannon Brooks here.
I talked to Marlene Bellissimo about Virtual Magic Kingdom for her Dreamsounds series.
Future Interior covered Jordaan Mason's "I've been tasting roads my whole life" on Drunk With Love Records comp "Comfort in the Question Mark: Songs of Jordaan Mason".
I played alto sax on "The River" from Reduction Plan's "(Ae) Maeth" (Redscroll / Dune Alter).
Future Interior "3 Songs" streams and downloads at most of the usual spots..


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