I am an artist, arts administrator, musician, and writer currently in New York City, with the rest of us.
My work has frequently seen intersections between these categories defined above, so I’ll start with the most discrete things.
My experiences within arts administration have been broad. I have produced and curated over fifty live arts events, including two large-scale live arts festivals at Purchase College: Fall Fest 2015 and Culture Shock 2016. I’ve worked or volunteered in various support contexts with the Association of Performing Arts Professionals, the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, Performa, and Pilobolus. Currently I support the development efforts of the League of American Orchestras, a service organization towards orchestral/symphonic music professionals of all stripes, while also volunteering my time with patron services at Roulette Intermedium.

I’ve been broadcasting on the radio since 2008. My terrestrial broadcasting happened primarily at WERB Berlin – 94.5fm and WRTC Hartford – 89.3fm. Currently I produce audio work for WRTC with cool artists. I also maintain the WRTC gig calendar as a service to the greater Connecticut artistic/musical community.

The musical projects I am currently involved are Future Interior and Nine of Swords. Past projects include Adult Mom, Segunda Etapa, shore country, and upper chief.

The Adult Mom tape I helped out with, sometimes bad happens (2014), was named one of the top cassettes of 2014 by Rob Sheffield / Rolling Stone, and the Adult Mom LP Momentary Lapse of Happily (2015) I helped out with was covered favorably by Pitchfork and NPR Music.

The Nine of Swords LP you will never die (2016) was covered favorably by GoldFlakePaint and Stereogum – we are proud to say that all of our work has been self-released and free for digital download, and we’ve only played two age-restricted shows in our history of being a band.

My last released musical project is the Shore Country bandcamp release indoor recess (2017), and the next one will be a 2-song release for Future Interior.

My work as an artist is informed by my musical practices and occasionally intersects. KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE explores the chaffing between media and everyday life. Stretchy JT is camp.

I write about sound and culture. I have started doing poems again, which has been interesting. My senior thesis at Purchase College, “Art for Art(ist)’s Sake: ISSUE Project Room, experimental performing arts, and the public good” explored the role of the public (via participation, attendance, funding, etc.) in an institution that is simultaneously highly regarded yet innately inaccessible through the “difficulty” of its work.

My academic and research interests include: taste, class, performing arts / performing arts industry, childhood culture, sound and the media by which it is delivered, American religious media, broadcasting (primarily local / public / amateur), radio format / genre. My preferred methodology is immersive ethnography, planted in an ethnomusicological tradition but open to a spectrum of points of contact including digital and air-centric as well as your typical immersion. My consumption and writing is documented monthly through a TinyLetter.

I graduated summa cum laude from Purchase College in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Media|Society|Arts. I had the pleasure of studying under Du Yun, Liz Phillips, Yates McKee, Shaka McGlotten, Christopher Robbins (Ghana Think Tank), Maria Guralnik, Lorraine Plourde, and David J. Kim.