Jack C Tomascak

Sound / Music

Future Interior
My current songwriting project, active since 2015. "Slow music for fast times" indebted to 1990s rock, accompanied by a variety of contextual and sculptural sound (e.g. quiet oscillators/electronics, live shortwave radio, archival recordings).
-- The Disappearance Approach (forthcoming)
-- 3 Songs (2019)
-- Demo + various tracks (2016)
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Nine of Swords
Hardcore / screamo crossover music formerly from Purchase, NY, currently from Philadelphia, PA. We have been active since 2013, and anticipated being more active in 2020. The world had other plans.
-- you will never die (2016)
-- i can't stand my own face CS (2014)
-- s/t CS (2013)
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upper chief
Solo project active 2011-2016. "Emo through a noise lens" / solo melodic hardcore about being a social justice warrior and perceived persecution.
-- music for eye contact (2019, ongoing)
-- stay in that place alone (2016)
-- delete it all (2014)
-- an existence predicated upon manufactured necessity (2012)
-- demo (2011)
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Shore Country
Pop-punk songwriting project active 2013-2017 but still thinking about doing the full-band LP. Earnest, nervous, lovesick, attempting to take cues from Salinas Records and the places where folk punk ditched the banjo.
-- indoor recess (2017)
-- a happier state of being (2014)
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Jack Tomascak + Segunda Etapa
High school songwriting and electronic music project, mentioned here solely because there's still documentation of this work on the internet beyond my control.

Interdisciplinary / Performance

Stretchy JT
Knowledge Adventure


Art for Artist's Sake: ISSUE Project Room, experimental performing arts, and the public good


My radio programs have included Unclear Intentions, Tell 'Em Why You Mad, Tell 'Em Why You Sad, First Full Exposure, Cornpone Brunch, Full Exposure, Kill The Dynamic, In Place of Real Insight.

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